Okay guys, we're about to get real. Stick with me on this one.


My name is Carleigh. The lady behind the camera and the one with the silly and probably a little bit stupid jokes...but you'll still laugh I guarantee it lol! Carleigh Michelle Photography has been a part of my life for about 7 years now. I created this journey right out of high school and continued to learn this skill in college. That's the boring stuff. Here is a little bit about myself. I am weirdly good at being vulnerable and telling others how I feel. Why? Because I've spent most of my life battling depression and anxiety. I'm human...that's crazy right? Nah, It's normal. The past 7 years have been more of an uphill battle than an easy ride. I've been so fortunate to have so many supportive people around me being my clients and helping me grow my business. That word. Business. That is a game I knew nothing about nor did I think a slightly shy and introverted gal like myself would ever step into. But I did. Now It's 7 years later with some of the hardest life challenges I've ever been through and I am growing my business bigger than I ever imagined. How can I not be so proud of that? I've learned so much and continue to learn each and every day what it takes to make it as an artist in this world. Guys, I'm not telling you my life story to bore you, I promise. I'm telling you these things for a reason. That even when life is hard and looks impossible, there IS a way. I was just a quiet girl kept to myself with a few close friends that eventually found her light and blossomed into this gnarly life experienced passionate photographer. I haven't even begun to reach the top of my mountain yet, in fact I'm in a strong phase of learning curves with branding and growing to show all the world what I'm made of and why Carleigh Michelle Photography is not like the rest. Guys and gals, I want you to believe in yourselves just like life has made me believe in myself in the midst of hardship. Climb that mountain. Along the way I want you to smile, laugh, sing, dance, and LOVE. Along the way I want you to not only cherish those moments, but remember them! One of the biggest things I have learned and only being 25 years old, is looking back at photos to remember anything or any moment, is one of the best and biggest blessings we have. I want to share that with you. I want to share that love and laughter so you can also share for years and years to come. The investment of photographs is really one of the most priceless things life has to offer. Please allow me on your journey of life to capture the best of your years and unforgettable moments.


*Mic Drop*


I wasn't planning on getting so intense, but what can I's like camping... <--- I'm so sorry for my lame jokes.

Lets chat and be friends! :)